Cypress Creek entrusts their first NY State project to the OnSite Solar team.

Cypress Creek – Jefferson Lewis BOCES, Watertown NY

OnSite Solar was the turnkey installation contractor chosen for Cypress Creek's first project in NY State. Choosing the OnSite team allowed Cypress Creek to concentrate their internal resources on completing other projects out of state.

The site offered some interesting challenges. Every post had to be pre-drilled due to the shallow rock ledge encountered during surveying. All post holes were compacted with stone dust then piles were driven to depth. Winter came very early and temperatures reached -15F in mid-November. OnSite deployed additional manpower and equipment resources to be sure that the project finished before the years' end. It was a privilege to be working with the Cypress Creek team and to provide new solar power production for the area.

Project Detail

"OnSite Solar exceeded my expectations on this project with their responsiveness to issues and ability to work through hurdles that were outside of their scope. When we had to push a truncated schedule for completion by the end of the year, their team stepped up without hesitation. The exceptionally rough site conditions, inclement weather, and extra hours did not phase them. For our first New York State project, I am very glad that we went with OnSite Solar for our turn-key construction solution."

David W.

Cypress Creek Renewables